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Our mission to make a difference one child at a time is accomplished in a family environment of nurturing relationships through a holistic approach addressing the children’s spiritual, physical, nutritional, academic and psychological health, utilizing groups and independent counseling, spiritual and devotional instruction, classroom and hands-on education, outreach and exit strategy.

Sid and Cheryl

Sid is “Grandpa”, to the children. He is in charge of all our food and donation pick-ups. He enjoys teaching the children how to garden and tutors the elementary students every evening. Sid also is always busy driving kids to various, lessons, sports, and church activities. He is often seen with a trail of preschoolers tagging behind him "helping" him work.

Cheryl is “grandma” and along with Christi is Director and Founder of the ministry. Christi and Cheryl have been told that they are a perfect match for working together. Seems God has gifted each with different gifts and talents that make the ministry a sincere opportunity for serving together. Christi and Cheryl have worked side by side in ministry since 1990. Cheryl, loves cooking for the whole gang, and is very passionate about sharing how blessed they are to be part of what God is doing in the lives of the children.

Mario and Christi

Mario and Christi fell in love while working in an orphanage in Brazil. They were married in 2008. Mario is a Fireman and Paramedic in Atlanta. He is daddy and 'Uncle' Mario to the children. He helps with managing all the sports activities, discipline, and he loves teaching the kids to swim. Mario takes on the endless chore of keeping donations organized and neat. His fellow firefighters often tease him that his real job is TurnAround and being on shift as a fireman is his respite.

Christi is an amazing mother to all. She is tireless and always in tune with each child's needs and wishes. Christi coordinates all the children's clothes, activities, school and every day happenings. She has had a heart for children in need, since she was 12 years old. Christi sees serving TurnAround Kids as a dream come true and her prayer is to see God continue to grow and meet the needs of many children for years to come.

Jason and Meagan

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